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Residence Hall Block B

In this building, students are provided with a comfortable setting catering for their academic and social needs. The male wing of this facility is composed of 35 shared rooms, two single rooms, eight apartments, and an apartment for the night attendant and four common rooms per floor. The female wing includes 36 shared rooms, three single rooms, eight apartments and four common rooms. The building was acquired in year 1998 and refurbishment complete in year 2005.

Building Profile
Year of Completion1998
Spacial Area11,424 m2
Building Code/NumberRHB / 231
Occupants List of Occupants
Instructional Spaces List of Instructional Spaces
Directory of Functions per Level
Level 6-9
  • Bedrooms
Level 5
  • Bedrooms
  • Lounge
  • Residence Hall Supervisor
Level 4
  • Bedrooms
  • Dancing Room
  • Learning & Writing Center
  • Music Room
Level 3
  • Parking
Level 2
  • Parking
Level 1
  • Store

Residence Hall Block B
Interior Space


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