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There are no projects under design at the present time.

Under Execution

Name Summary

US L2 IT Offices 2501 and 2502 Remodeling

The scope of work includes remodeling the existing space to house a new conference room and administrative offices for the IT Department.

AT L7 Modifications

The scope of work is to demolish an existing storage space to create a new administrative unit to accommodate the needed staffing.


Name Summary

OG Facade Repair 2016-2017

The scope of work includes needed civil work to apply needed maintenance and repair for the Orme-Gray building facade.

BT Hitti L1 Fashion Design Temporary Space 2016-2017

The design phase for the Gezairi Building is in its final stages. Accordingly, needed reallocation plans will be prepared to relocate the physical facilities in support of the Fashion Design program, which was accommodated in the Gezairi Building on a temporary basis. 

NH Drivers’ Room 2016-2017

The scope of work includes minor alteration work to expand and upgrade the drivers’ room, including the janitors’ area.

SFA L1 Turning Cubicles into Computer Equipped Classroom 2016-2017

This project included turning an open space cubicles area into a closed, computer equipped classroom. Previously, this area was an open space where Communication Arts students edited their work using specialized equipment. Turning this space into a closed, computer equipped classroom will better serve these students and the academic needs of the university more broadly.

US L2 Offices 2302 and 2304 Remodeling 2016-2017

The scope of work included dividing a large office space into two private offices to best meet the space needs of the IT Department.

SH L3 Biology and Cell Culture Labs 2016-2017

The scope of work is to refurbish Sage Hall 106 office into a Cell Culture Lab and renovate Sage Hall 107 and 108 Biology labs.

Upper Gate Pergola 2016-2017

The scope of work is to replace the existing upper gate pergola’s metallic structure and refurbish the existing wooden planks. Stamped concrete will also be poured on the stepping, in addition to the supply and installation of new lighting fixtures.

NH 120 IT Support Workshop 2015-2016

This project divided Nicol Hall room 120 into two offices and an IT workshop open space in order to maximize utilization, ensure a pleasant work environment, and add more office space to better serve the LAU community.

AT L3 Refurbishment - Offices 2015-2016

 The scope of work includes refurbishing the Atiyah Level 3 apartment into offices, allowing the Administration to meet evolving staffing needs.

Lecture Capture Project 2015-2016

The scope of work is to render Classroom NH 305 and the EIC room RNL 803 into smart “lecture capture” classrooms, in which classroom-based activities are recorded and made available for review after class, reflecting the latest pedagogical developments. 

NH L2 PP Store & Night Attendant Room 2015-2016

The scope of work included needed renovation work to create new night attendant room and storage room. A new steel structure roofing has been supplied and installed to provide needed facilities for the maintenance team.

NH L2 SDEM Offices 2015-2016

The scope of work is to refurbish offices in Nicol Hall Level 2 (GF) to provide new offices to accommodate the Office of the International Services and the Student Recruitment Office. These offices will be an annex to WKSC Student Center, near the one-stop shop. The project also includes the creation of support services for the new offices’ functioning.

US L1 Data Center New Offices 2014-2015

The scope of work included preparing the needed furniture design and specifications to furnish the newly created offices in University Services Level 1 Data Center. Furniture items were designed to maximally meet the space needs of the IT Department.

Tennis Court Refurbishment 2014-2015

The scope of work included the execution of civil, electrical and mechanical works necessary to upgrade the Gym’s external tennis court.

AT L3 Refurbishment - Classrooms 2014-2015

The scope of work included refurbishing one of the newly rented apartments in the Atiyah Building. Replacement classrooms were provided for use once the Gezairi Building is shut down for renovation.

AKSB 1208 Lecture Capture Classroom 2014-2015

The AKSB1208 Classroom was transformed into a smart lecture capture classroom. This project was considered a pilot project for the remaining classrooms on the Beirut campus.


AKSB Signage 2014-2015

This project included the design and installation of Adnan Kassar School of Business signage further to its inauguration on  Tuesday April 21, 2015 in honor of the renowned businessman’s ongoing support and historically generous donation of $10 million to the university. 

GB Fashion Design 2013-2014

The scope of work included the renovation of the annex of Gezairi Building next to the Corner Building to accommodate the physical facilities’ requirements of the Fashion Design program. The premises will be used on a temporary basis until the completion of Gezairi Building Renovation. The project provided the program with a Cutting Studio, Design Studio, Sewing and Dry Textile Lab, storage space, and office spaces.

SFA L5 Offices Refurbishment 2014-2015

The scope of work included civil, electrical, mechanical, networking, furnishing and IT components necessary to renovate the Safadi Fine Arts offices.

RNL 708 Classroom 2013-2014

The scope of work included needed renovation to change the function of Riyad Nassar Library stacks into a classroom.

SH 102 Office and 103 Wet Lab 2013-2014

This project was executed to meet the academic requirements and enrollment growth of the School of Arts & Sciences by creating a wet lab. The scope of work also included needed renovation work in Sage Hall office 102, upgrading some systems/panels, providing BMS controls for the building’s chillers, and extending the gas system connected to the garden in order to operate the necessary equipment.

SH 101 Computer Lab 2013-2014

The scope of work included upgrading Sage Hall’s computer lab.

GYM L4 Renovation 2013-2014

The scope of work included civil and finishing, mechanical, and electrical work to refurbish the Gymnasium entrance, offices, corridor, lobby area, showers and toilets.

RNL Levels 8&9, New Study Area & EIC 2013-2014

The scope of work included upgrading certain areas to cater to the new functions of the Riyad Nassar Library, by providing group study areas and needed IT connections, purchasing needed furnishing to add seating capacity, and executing needed IT and electrical work for the EIC room.


Name Summary

IH L1/L2 Relocation

The tenants of Irwin Hall Levels 1 and 2 will be relocated in preparation for the capital renovation of the Irwin Hall Auditorium.

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