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Plan, Build, Operate and Maintain


Spring 2019 Recycling Awareness

Facilities Management raised awareness about LAU’s recycling initiative on Friday January 11, during the Dean of students’ new students Spring 2019 orientation.

Find your way around campus

LAU’s Facilities Management makes it easier for new students to find their way around campus and get to their destination.

LAU Christmas Sparkle

Following the yearly traditions, Facilities Management decorated LAU’s both campuses with Christmas ornaments, lights and trees. FM extended creativity used in the decorations from a customized perspective, while keeping sustainability in mind and up-cycling numerous objects across campuses. 

Byblos Library Move

The new LAU Byblos Library is a state of the art facility housing different forms of modern day advancements that have a profound effect on the functions and design of the library.

Food Innovation Lab

A large new high-tech laboratory will help Nutrition students take their learning to the next level.

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