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Photo: Support to supply and install tents for the Career Fair

Photo: Support For exhibitions

Photo: Beirut Campus Commencement

Photo: Independence Day

Photo: Spring Fiesta

Photo: MUN Global Village

Photo: LAU Marathon

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Photo: Byblos Campus Commencement

Photo: Beirut Campus Commencement - view from above

Photo: Support For exhibitions

Photo: Beirut Campus Commencement - preparatory work

The Physical Plant Office provides logistical and maintenance support to all special events inside and outside university campuses.


Event Support Requests

Please submit event support requests to Physical Plant in a timely manner. We apologize for sometimes being unable to accommodate late requests.

Submit an event support request via the online service request. Failure to mention any event requirements may result in equipment and services being unavailable. Once your request is submitted, we will contact you to discuss feasibility, necessary technical support, and cost estimate.


Based on event type and requirements, some events may be charged to the requesting department. In this case, a pre-cost estimate will be sent to the requesting Department Head for approval. Works will be initiated only after securing budgetary approval and confirming cost center. The preliminary estimate is subject to change.

Final charges for any event will be based on all actual labor and/or equipment required.

Space Reservation

Space requests should be addressed to the Hospitality Office in advance of the event, in order to reduce schedule conflicts and ensure availability. After the reservation is confirmed, Physical Plant will assist with setting up the event.


Types of Events


Commencement exercises are the single most important event on LAU grounds, involving two ceremonies on the Beirut campus (3,500 invitees and 700 graduates in each ceremony) and a ceremony on the Byblos campus (3,000 invitees and 900 graduates). The exercises require a year of planning and three months of hands-on preparation, in which Physical Plant’s in-house technicians set up all the commencement ceremony arrangements in advance (podium construction; lights, sound and screens provision; seating; flags and banner installation).

Campus Student Activities

Physical plant is deeply involved in planning, logistics handing, execution and supervision of Major events (such as clubs sign-ups, MUN conferences, fund-raising events, etc.) We also execute the layout of tents, booths and build stages.

We also intervene in minor events (such as awareness campaigns, sports events, various festivities) upon request two days in advance.


The organization of exhibits (such as the career and science fairs, photography and art exhibits, etc.) takes place in coordination with the requesting units. We set up the exhibited items with their related accessories, making maximum use of the allocated space.

Lectures, Receptions, Seminars and Ceremonies

We ensure a comfortable environment for such events, including HVAC and appropriate lighting for all attendees. Our team is available around the clock to cater for all events on campus.


To request assistance with events, submit your requirements via the online service request.

Physical Plant is committed to providing the best possible support for safe and successful LAU events.


Last Updated: March 14, 2020

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