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Operations and Maintenance

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Operations and Maintenance (O&M) arranges on-campus repair and preventive maintenance services, including electrical and mechanical installations, repairs and check-up, maintaining buildings and equipment, ground services, events support, routine inspections, etc.

Periodic inspections are conducted to evaluate maintenance conditions and identify corrective actions. A qualified team of engineers and technicians is on call 24/7.



  • Electrical systems and lighting preventive maintenance and repairs.
  • Installations/modifications to electrical systems and components (including high-voltage).
  • Restoring power to tripped circuit breakers.
  • Exterior and landscaping lighting.
  • Cleaning and re-lamping lighting fixtures.
  • Maintenance and repair of lighting control panels and other electrical lighting devices.
  • Replacement of receptacles and switches.
  • Maintaining outlets, lighting fixtures, smoke detectors and fire alarms.
  • Elevators maintenance.


  1. HVAC
    1. Operating control and monitoring building environmental HVAC systems (remotely or through the Building Management System - BMS). Maintaining and adjusting space temperature and ventilation.
    2. Repair and testing of refrigeration system components, refrigerators/freezers and ice machines.
  2. Equipment Maintenance
    1. Coordinate equipment maintenance and negotiate preventive maintenance visits and warranty contracts with suppliers.
    2. Repair and maintenance of medical/laboratory equipment such as sterilizers, washers, dryers, vacuum systems, centrifuges, etc….
    3. Repair and maintenance of heavy equipment and cafeteria kitchen equipment.
  3. Plumbing
    1. Repair and maintenance of water systems, water fountains, distilled water systems, plumbing fixtures, piping, vacuum breakers, backflow preventers, high temperature hot water and chill water systems.
    2. Monthly toilet check-up.

Civil and Finishing

  1. Carpentry
    1. Repair of windows and glass display cases
    2. Installation and maintenance of window shades, curtains and blinds
    3. Furniture upholstery and repair
    4. Installation and maintenance of bookshelves, benches, cabinets, closets, etc.
    5. Repair and preventive maintenance of classroom chairs and teachers’ desks
  2. Building Maintenance
    1. Painting within public areas, classrooms and offices
    2. Repair and maintenance of floors and floor coverings
    3. Installation, maintenance and repair of roofs, ceilings, false-ceilings, stairways, handrails, ramps, doors and building entrances
  3. Keys and Locks
    1. Cut keys and lock repairs, installations, replacements and re-keying.
    2. Repair of door hardware and file cabinet and desk locks.


FM Emergency - If this is a public safety/life hazard or urgent issue that requires immediate assistance, call 1010 (Beirut) or 2020 (Byblos).

Non-Emergency/Routine Services - Request a non-emergency or routine service by submitting an online service request.

Outsourcing and Various Repair Services

O&M is responsible for managing outsourced equipment maintenance as well as various repair services.


  • Provide on-call outsourcing of maintenance and repair services for all university assets (excluding IT equipment) whenever in-house repair cannot be provided.
  • Prepare bid documents and evaluate received bids as needed.
  • Prepare and manage maintenance contracts; process payments.
  • Follow up on scheduled visits and the implementation of preventive maintenance programs.
  • Follow-up the repair schedule and costs.
  • Administer and operate computer systems pertaining to Operations and Maintenance, such as: the Building Management System (BMS), the CCTV System, the Parking Management System,  and the Access Control Systems (including door keying system and records keeping).
  • Follow up on the implementation of the preventive maintenance program through the use of computerized maintenance management software.
  • Use the BMS for monitoring and reporting energy costs and equipment runtime and alarms, coordinating them with Preventive Maintenance scheduling and automatic work order generation.
  • Prepare technical specifications, perform life cycle cost analysis, evaluation, and recommendations for purchases of maintenance items, office equipment, and miscellaneous appliances.


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