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Photo: Moving and Relocation, Byblos Library

Photo: Moving and Relocation, Byblos Library

Photo: Moving and Relocation, Byblos Library

Each move is unique in its requirements, and the following information on the different planning phases will provide general guidelines on the basics of planning a successful and smooth move.

The Space Planning and Management Unit handles the coordination of moving processes with the affected department(s)/users, supported by various university service offices (IT, Procurement, Facilities, etc.).

All furniture transfers must be cleared with Space Planning and Management.

Initial Move Assessment

The Initial Move Assessment begins with a meeting between the concerned department and Space Planning and Management to establish the cost, duration and criteria of the move.  It is followed by a walk-through of the spaces involved (new and evacuating).

The Business Office then generates a list of assets belonging to the department that is moving. The dates and/or phases of the move, its priority, storage and packing needs, etc. are all considered at this stage.

This thorough planning results in an organized, cost-effective and smooth transition to a new space.

Pre-Moving Plan

The department appoints a Departmental Move Contact with the authority to plan and make decisions regarding the move. The contact will organize the move and be the liaison between the department, the Space Planning and Management Unit and the Supply Office.

The Space Planning and Management Unit sends an e-mail to the moving team (Supply Office, Physical Plant, IT Helpdesk, IT Applications and Solutions, IT Network and Support, Hospitality Services and Business Office), copying affected end-users and Department Heads to initiate the move. The e-mail includes all needed details.

Each LAU service office has its own protocol, as follows:

Space Planning and Management Unit

  • The Space Planning and Management Unit assigns occupants their rooms/spaces and provides layouts of new space to be prepared by architects. The layout must be approved by Department heads. Furnishings should fit properly in the new space and are arranged so that telephones and computers are lined up with outlets. If a space layout is not provided, furnishings will be placed near data and electrical outlets.
  • The Unit coordinates with moving Department/end-users to prioritize the sequence of the move. The unit hands over the preliminary list of assets to the moving crew supervisor on moving day.
  • The Unit coordinates the move between various university services.

Supply Office

  • Provides wrapping services and packing material.
  • Provides moving services as indicated in the preliminary list of assets.

IT Department

  • Handles requests related to relocating IT equipment.
  • Assesses and relocates IT equipment not needed by the relocating department and decide where it should be moved to.

Physical Plant

  • Ensures that the furnishings/equipment being moved fit through the doorways in the new space.
  • Ensures that all the outlets in the new space are compatible and adequate for the relocated electrical equipment/machines.
  • Provides general maintenance for the new space.
  • Dismantles and re-installs needed furniture items.
  • Retains and hands over needed keys.
  • Manages the relocation of machines that have a service contract.
  • Outsources moving services for items that needs special equipment or technical supervision.
  • Retains and hands over A/C units remote controls, etc.
  • Handles signage updates.

Hospitality Services

  • Provides needed cleaning services.
  • Disposes of/recycles unwanted materials (documents, empty boxes, etc).

Affected End-users

  • Pack items in boxes ordered from the Supply Office; seal and label boxes.
  • Accurately fill in the inventory list of all furnishings and equipment to be transferred.
  • Prepare a preliminary list of items to be moved and their locations in coordination with the Space Planning and Management Unit.
  • Send inventory list along with the moving request e-mail issued by the Space Planning and Management Unit.
  • List all furniture items that are not needed with all necessary details and send along with the moving request to Space Planning and Management. Unneeded items are assessed by the Planning and Renovations and Physical Plant Offices, after which items for reuse are moved to University Storage, while items for disposal are processed by the Supply Office.

Note: The Space Planning and Management Unit sends the moving request e-mail (further to obtaining needed approvals) to the Business Office for space inventory management and to the Supply Office for moving the items as requested.

Business Office

Keeps track of the asset inventory management.

Protection Office (Optional)

If items are to be moved from off campus, kindly copy the Protection Office in the original request for moving e-mail. Each move is unique in the types of applicable services.


  • Departments are responsible for packing and unpacking their offices.
  • The Supply Office will move all furnishings, boxes, and materials.  
  • Owners are responsible for the relocation of their personal items.  
  • The Supply Office provides necessary packing materials and moving equipment.
  • Items will not be moved unless properly sealed and labeled.
  • Desks, bookcases, pedestals and file cabinets must be emptied prior to being moved. Vertical files may be moved fully loaded if file cabinet is in stable condition and the new location is near.
  • Lock and secure file cabinets. Make sure a key is available for all locking cabinets.
  • Boxes should be packed to a weight that can be easily moved.
  • The Supply Office will move IT equipment (packed by the IT representative), which should be disconnected by the IT Department prior to the move. The IT Department handles the task of assessing surplus equipment and coordinating its placement/disposal.
  • Refrigerators should be emptied and defrosted.

Moving Day

  • Store/secure personal valuables.
  • If no modifications to the list of assets occur during relocation, the list is be considered final.
  • If any modifications occur, the list of assets is amended on the move day and sent by the Space Planning and Management Unit to the Business Office for asset inventory management.
  • Moving service is processed by the Supply Office. A representative from the Space Planning and Management Unit may be present when deemed necessary.
  • The Supply Office secures the signature of the Department Head on the list of assets once the move is completed. The approved list is to the Business Office and to the Space Planning and Management Unit.
  • Requests for any additional or replacement items from any other owning department or from storage should be addressed to the Space Planning and Management Unit. Approvals from owning and receiving departments should be obtained via e-mail and sent by the Space Planning and Management Unit to the Business Office and to the Supply Office.
  • The Departmental move contact is the primary point of contact between the department, the Space Planning and Management Unit and the Supply Office.


  • The end-user should note if there are any damaged or missing items and bring them to the attention of the Supply Office.
  • If cardboard boxes are used in the course of the move, the Supply Office will designate a safe area to stack collapsed boxes for pick-up. If reusable, box pick-up may be arranged with the Supply Office. Hospitality Services handles disposal of boxes.
  • Cleaning services resume after move-in is complete.

Conditions of Evacuated Space

  • The evacuated space must be entirely cleared of all existing furnishings, equipment, materials, and debris, and left in a clean condition.
  • If the occupants are evacuating a space where the furnishings were purchased with the building and are being left behind, all furnishings must be properly emptied of office materials, personal belongings, and debris. Room by room list of furniture will be prepared by the Space Planning and Management Unit to change the ownership of assets to University General Use, indicating needed transfers (for which approvals should be obtained via e-mail). 

Special Considerations

  • Lab moves may involve hazardous waste or materials, which must be assessed by the Physical Plant and concerned department. The department being moved must work with the Physical Plant to properly dispose of chemicals, materials and equipment that will no longer be used.
  • Items such as wall-mounted furniture, systems-type furnishings, and IT multimedia equipment must be removed and re-installed by the relevant service department.


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