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Beirut Campus Utilities

Photo: Technical roof floor at the Adnan Kassar School of Business

Photo: Technical roof floor at the Wadad Sabbagh Khoury Student Center

Photo: Boiler room

Photo: MV distribution panels

Photo: Fire pumps room at the Adnan Kassar School of Business

Photo: Medium voltage substation

Power, Cooling and Heating Plants

Most buildings on the Beirut campus are served by their dedicated chilled water and heating water plants, which are operated and monitored through the BMS (an automated system that monitors all big equipment) for maximum efficiency and reliability. Air cooled chillers provide around 1,300 TR; additionally, some building are equipped with DX systems for cooling. Heating is provided mainly through boilers and heat pump chillers.

The Beirut campus is served by a new medium voltage power plant with an electrical infrastructure. The MV substation consists of three 2,000 KVA generators and one 1,000 KVA generator with provisions for one additional 2000 KVA generator for future expansion in addition to an MV synchronization panel with step-up transformers. A load management system running on SCADA software operates the whole system smartly and reliably, with load shedding operation when necessary.

Domestic, Irrigation and Potable Water

Water on the Beirut campus is stored in several locations and pumped to dedicated storage tanks serving each building. The total storage capacity is 2,200 m3.

Water treatment plants provide building occupants with adequate drinking water. Irrigation water is stored in dedicated tanks that are also fed by roof storm water and condensate drain collection.

Storm and Sanitary Drainage

Storm water is collected from buildings and terraces and discharged into the municipal network. The sanitary drainage in Beirut campus is collected and discharged into the municipality’s sewage network.

Last Updated: June 11, 2019

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