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Plan, Build, Operate and Maintain


Physical Distancing Measures

A safe return to campus: LAU’s Facilities Management taking all necessary measures on to ensure physical distancing guidelines are timely implemented on both campuses.

Leading by Example

Honoring Emad Abdennour for more than 17 years of dedication to LAU’s Facilities Management.

Gulbenkian’s Renovation Progress

The Gulbenkian Amphitheater’s major renovation is well underway. The projected amphitheater is aiming to be one of Lebanon’s premier performance venues.

Gezairi Resumption of work

Safe resumption of works by the Contractor, Mouawad-Edde sal at the Gezairi Project in coordination with the Project Manager, DGJ & Partners, the Consultant, IDEP Consult, and the LAU-FM team.

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