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LAU Campuses beating with Life

“LAU is not the same without you,” Beirut and Byblos campuses sprang back to life, following 18 months of full or partial closure.

Find my way around campus

Returning to campus for Fall 2021, LAU’s Facilities Management makes it easier for new students to find their way around campus and get to their destination.

Gulbenkian’s Renovation in its Final Stage

Delayed by lock downs and following strict regulations and COVID19 safety measures, the Gulbenkian Amphitheater’s major renovation is in its final stage.Located in Safadi Fine Arts, the refurbished amphitheater will be among Lebanon’s premier performance venues.

Civil Engineering Apprenticeship

An 8 weeks internship is being offered for our Civil Engineering students by LAU’s Facilities Management. A placement that goes beyond the standard summer training, it was tailored as a special educational program to prepare students for a successful transition to a challenging and rewarding

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