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Fire and Life Safety

LAU is committed to providing its students, faculty, staff and visitors with a safe environment where effective fire and life safety principles are followed to prevent incidents and mitigate their dangerous effects.

Safety in Capital and Renovation Projects

Safety in Capital and Renovation Projects

The EHS unit plays an important role in ensuring a high safety level in LAU’s capital and renovation projects. The unit collaborates with various members of the design team to ensure that safety related code requirements are incorporated from the early stages of project design in the following areas:

  • Building occupancy classification
  • Architectural aspects
  • Interior finishing
  • Fire alarm system and interconnection with other systems
  • Firefighting system
  • Automatic fire suppression system
  • Elevators
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Exit signs
  • Fuel storage
  • Laboratory safety equipment
  • Smoke management
  • Fire rating of protected enclosures
  • Fire strategy
  • ADA compliance for elevators, toilets and drinking fountains
  • Buildings and grounds accessibility

Safety in Capital and Renovation Projects

Safety Systems Preventive Maintenance

Safety Systems Preventive MaintenanceWe work to reduce the probability of safety systems failures through preventive maintenance either internally or by means of maintenance contracts.

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