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2017 Safety Awareness

During 2017, the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) unit conducted five safety events:

1. Byblos  campus - Dorms B Fire Drill ( March 24, 2017).
2. Beirut campus - WKSC Fire Drill (April 26, 2017).
3. Beirut and Byblos campuses - NSD Students Safety Training (August 24, 2017).
4. Byblos campus - Residence Hall Safety Training (September 13, 2017).
5. Beirut campus - Residence Hall Safety Training (October 5, 2017).


Fire Safety Awareness Campaign

A ‘Fire Safety’ awareness campaign was also initiated by LAU’s Facilities Management, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Unit, to further increase readiness and communicate the importance of being prepared to LAU’s students, faculty and staff.


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