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A new study by international support services and construction group, Interserve, highlighted the importance of ‘Designing for workplace consumers. Learning from excellent customer experience’ report looks at how lessons from the consumer world can help institutions better meet personnel’ needs and expectations in the workplace. It draws on the expertise of major brands and institutions, looking at how these companies encourage brand loyalty and create an emotional connection with their customers. It then sets out key steps businesses need to take to emulate this approach to create engaging workplaces that attract, retain and motivate the best talent.

The report focuses on putting the needs of ‘workplace consumers’ at the heart of the workplace design and management process to help individuals and teams achieve their best. Reflecting lessons learned from consumer industries, key steps include: defining the needs of employees; personalizing the work environment around these expectations; and making sure that the workplace experience is maintained at a consistently high standard through good service design and delivery.

LAU’s facilities management strives to adopt a people-centric approach by ensuring to create optimal spaces and environment to adhere to safety, sustainability and most importantly people-centric standards.

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