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Byblos Library Facts and Figures

Profile of Library and Central Administration Buildings

  • Lead Consultant: Atelier Pagnamenta Torriani APT
  • Local Consultant: Rafik El Khoury and Partners
  • Engineer: D.G.Jones and Partners (ME) Ltd.
  • Technical Monitoring Office: Bureau VERITAS
  • Commissioning Authority: AJB
  • LEED Consultant: Rafik El Khoury and Partners
  • Contractor: NATCON
  • Total Project Budget: $21,697,000
  • Total Area: 8,485 m 2
  • Total Project Duration: 833 days

Level Area (m2)
Level 1
Archive 1,806
Level 2
Archive, Cyber Café, Computer Lab, Lounge, Study Rooms, Study areas, Info Commons, Multi-purpose Room, Classroom, Building Services 1.932
Level 3
Offices, Study Rooms, Lounge, Quiet Study, Lobby, Building Services 849
Level 4
Offices, Study Rooms, Lobby, Lounge, Quiet Study Areas, Building Services 967
Level 5
Offices, Backlog Area, Conference room, Study Rooms, Lobby, Meeting Room, Study Areas, Staff Lounge, Building Services 987
Total Area 6,541 m2

Landscaped Area
Level 2 707
Level 3 1,907
Total Area 2,614 m2

Green Aspects

Targeting USGBC’s LEED Gold Certification.


Sustainable Site

  • Low-pollution construction
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Preferred parking spaces for carpools, and low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Bicycle racks for cyclists

Water Efficiency

(35 % water saving from baseline)

  • Low-flow fixtures
  • Treated rain water and condensate drain in restrooms
  • Irrigation from treated waste water
  • Adaptive plants and climate-responsive irrigation
  • Measurement and metering

Energy and Atmosphere

(34.7 % energy cost saving from baseline)

  • Highly efficient building envelope
  • Architectural shading/natural daylight
  • High-Performance cooling and heating from campus central plants
  • High-efficiency lighting
  • Lighting and air conditioning controls through daylight and occupancy sensors
  • Controlled ventilation based on occupancy
  • Heat Recovery
  • Renewable energy systems for power and hot-water generation
  • Curtain management system with solar tracking
  • Measurement and metering

Materials and Resources

  • Storage and collection of recyclables (LAU Recycle For A Cause)
  • Construction waste management
  • Certified renewable wood
  • Regional materials

Indoor Air Quality

  • Low-emitting materials used in construction
  • Indoor air-quality during construction
  • Lighting, thermal comfort and CO2 Control


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