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FM Team Interactive Meeting

Facilities Management believes that constant face-to-face interactions  enhance communications skills and promote synergy between various units. With this in mind, the Facilities Management team met with  Vice President for Human Resources and University Services Roy Majdalani, and Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management Georges Hamouche on October 31, 2017. 

Roy Majdalani and Georges Hamouche in the FM Team Interactive Meeting

Briefing participants on the latest university developments, Majdalani and Hamouche engaged the team members in a rich and highly interactive brainstorming session.

In addition to fostering creativity and solution-oriented ideas, the gathering was an opportunity to pass along important information and directive that help ensure members work in concert toward a common goal.

Facilities Management strives to support LAU’s mission, vision and goals by planning, constructing, preserving and enhancing the University’s physical assets.  


FM Team Interactive Meeting

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