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LAU’s Physical Facilities

LAU continues its expansion across both campuses, Beirut and Byblos. The physical facilities are divided based on prime spaces and functional areas: academic spaces, recreational spaces, common spaces, libraries and housing spaces.

Academic spaces are dedicated for educational purposes, while recreational spaces include indoor and outdoor venues for dining, entertainment, leisure, fitness activities; library spaces are composed of learning and other educational spaces within the university’s libraries; common spaces are prime educational and multipurpose spaces available for use by the entire LAU community; housing Facilities are spaces serving students’ housing needs.

LAU’s total built-up area is 185,415 m2 with 175,147 m2 in Campuses, 7,900 m2 in LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital and 2,368 m2 in New York Headquarters and Academic Center.

LAU's Physical Facilities

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