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LAU's Recycle for a Cause

Recycle for a CAUSE at LAU relies on the efforts of each and every one of us; recycling is everyone’s business, helping you do it right is ours.

LAU volunteer students from the Red Cross Club, Financial Aid Students, Student assistants and Staff who are very mindful of living green will be visiting your offices to:

  • Acquaint you with Recycle for a CAUSE awareness campaign thru phase1 #LAUDoorToDoor.
  • Deliver your office paper collector, designed & crafted by LAU students which make it very easy for staff & faculty to recycle paper at their desks.
  • Introduce some tips showing how easily paper recycling can be carried out in LAU offices.

We seek your utmost cooperation and active participation in Recycle for a CAUSE campaign as we are recycling not only to keep a green environment but also for a humanitarian cause.

With everyone’s participation, we are confident that we can do our part to help LAU recycling efforts. Contact Physical Plant Helpdesk Ext 1010 for any comments or inquiries.

Recycle for a CAUSE is an initiative by LAU’s Facilities Management Physical Plant.

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