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The Green Pledge

Facilities Management at the Lebanese American University has established a commitment to environmental stewardship. The Sustainability Unit at the Physical Plant aims to reduce the environmental impact of our everyday behavior thus encouraging an environmentally responsible community, and this is by adopting a partnership-based approach with our students, faculty, staff, and friends.

“Take the Green Pledge” is one of the initiatives in our sustainability road map.

Individuals often tend to think they can’t personally make a difference to help preserve the environment. However, remember that each one of us is a part of a larger community, and all those combined individual efforts will result in a stronger, more sustainable LAU Community.

Our Green Pledge provides suggestions for small changes you can make in your daily life to ultimately help us make a big difference. You may already be practicing some of these green activities. In that case, try to pick pledges new to you. One of the goals of this pledge is for you to challenge yourself with new actions in addition to reinforcing your current sustainable behavior.

Join other students, faculty, and staff who have already committed to sustainable behavior.

Your name will be featured among LAU’s committed green community

We invite you to visit our Sustainability page on the Facilities Management website where you can learn about other initiatives and download our Sustainability Plan.

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