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The Race for Space

The Race for Space

LAU’s capital projects are in full swing. The university’s rapid growth has created a need to expand and upgrade our facilities to meet the requirements of faculty, students and staff and to foster the strength of our academic programs while providing a conducive and comfortable work environment. As part of the $240 million capital projects budget, a total of 20 renovation and deferred maintenance projects are under way, with an aggregate budget exceeding $2.5 million. The Facilities Management Department is working relentlessly towards meeting the growing space demand while increasing operations and maintenance capacities.

“Because space in Lebanon is scarce and precious, we are working to optimize the use of our land. To that end, we are renovating ageing buildings, equipping them with advanced, modern, intelligent and energy-efficient building systems.”
— Georges Hamouche, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management

The Facilities Management department is composed of four units: Project Management & Contract Administration, Planning & Renovations, Physical Plant-Beirut and Physical Plant-Byblos. These four units plan, construct, renovate, operate and maintain LAU’s physical assets. Facilities Management embodies the core values of quality, professionalism, teamwork, commitment to timely support service, environmental awareness, responsibility and safety.

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