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Sage Hall

The Sage Hall building is the cornerstone of the oldest part of campus. With its red bricks and arched stone doorways and windows, the building houses faculty offices, computer labs and smart classrooms, numerous science laboratories, all equipped with specially adapted laboratory furniture, specially designed sinks, and other features.

Building Profile
Year of Completion1933
Spacial Area2,170 m2
Building Code/NumberSH / 101
Occupants List of Occupants
Instructional Spaces List of Instructional Spaces
Directory of Functions per Level
Level 5
  • Physics Lab
  • Offices
Level 4
  • Chemistry Labs
  • Chemistry Research Lab
  • Offices
Level 3
  • Academic Computer Center
  • Biology Labs
  • Biology Research Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Natural Sciences Department
  • Nutrition Research Lab
  • Offices
Level 2
  • Classrooms


Sage Hall
Interior Space


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