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LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation

Photo: Entrance and Exterior Facade

Photo: Artifacts on display

Photo: Library

Photo: Artifacts on display

The LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation was donated to LAU in early 2013. The beautiful stone house and its grounds overlook Byblos, the long-lived city whose historical evolution is the museum’s focus.

The Cardahi family has entrusted LAU with its foundation’s holdings: historical artifacts, artworks, documentary films and a small library of over 1,500 works, so that the university can sustain the family’s efforts to promote respect for Byblos’ architectural, cultural and historical legacy.

A governing board composed of five LAU representatives and two Cardahi family representatives will be established to oversee the foundation’s strategic planning. LAU will provide the budget and human resources, mainly financial aid students, to run daily operations. Students from the School of Architecture and Design or from the School of Arts and Sciences’ Humanities department will also have the opportunity to do internships at the museum.


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