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Parking Spaces

Beirut Parking

The Beirut campus houses several parking, including a multi-story underground car park below the Adnan Kassar School of Business and Riyad Nassar Library buildings, as well as an external parking for students, and two parking for LAU shuttles and authorized personnel.

Beirut Campus Parkings

Location Name Capacity Type
Middle Gate Parking
M 82 Cars
Underground Parking
U 260 Cars
Lower Gate Parking A
(Authorized Parking)
L-a 14 Cars
Lower Gate Parking B
(LAU Vehicles/Authorized Parking)
L-b 18 Cars + Shuttles
Total   374 Vehicles


Byblos Parking

Byblos Campus Parkings

Location Name Capacity Type
Lower Parking (RIGHT) A 180 Cars
Lower Parking (LEFT) B 180 Cars
Science Parking C 94 Cars
Residence Hall B Outdoor Parking D 13 Shuttles
Residence Hall B Underground Parking E 79 Cars
Block A Underground Parking F 18 Cars
Byblos Underground Parking G 568 Cars
Upper Gate I 55 Cars
Parking In front of Engineering Laboratories
and Research Center
J 44 Cars
Parking behind Frem Civic Center K 160 Cars
Total   1391 Vehicles


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