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Training and Drills

Photo: WKSC Fire Drill - Fire and evacuation simulation

Photo: WKSC Fire Drill - Beirut Civil Defense rescue simluation

Photo: WKSC Fire Drill - Beirut Civil Defense responding to the scene

Photo: Civil Defense fire truck and ambulance

Photo: Paramedics transporting a patient into an ambulance

Photo: Paramedic attending to a patient

Photo: Paramedics moving a patient on to a stretcher

Photo: Fireman spraying water with hose

Training and drills are the basic components of LAU’s emergency preparedness program. Building occupants should be well trained on emergency procedures to be able to adequately implement them during real emergencies. A well-trained team will minimize the number of casualties and property damage due to emergencies.

Fire drills and safety training are currently being performed on a yearly basis for residence hall occupants on both campuses and for Natural Sciences Department students in order to familiarize them with available safety components and procedures to be followed during emergencies.

Fire Safety Awareness Campaign

A ‘Fire Safety’ awareness campaign was also initiated by LAU’s Facilities Management, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Unit, to further increase readiness and communicate the importance of being prepared to LAU’s students, faculty and staff.

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