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Photo: Pebbles furniture mirroring the exterior’s stone pebbles, Byblos Library

Photo: Group Study Room, Library Building, Byblos Campus

Photo: Study Area, Library Building, Byblos Campus

Photo: Study Area, Library Building, Byblos Campus

Photo: Computer lab furniture: SH 110 Academic Computer Center

Photo: FCC 301 office unit new furniture

Photo: Case Method room furniture

Photo: Conference room furniture in AKSOB level 16

Photo: Executive office set

Photo: Executive office set

Photo: Conference room furniture in CHSC level 4

Photo: Seating furniture in Riyad Nassar Library

Photo: Computer lab furniture

“Everything has a place, and everything in its place.” - Ben Franklin

LAU furniture is standardized according to the following criteria: aesthetics, durability, ergonomics, functionality, life-cycle cost, maintenance, non-obsolescence, performance, safety, sustainability and warranty.


Standardizing furnishing services ensures consistent value, durability, cost effectiveness, warranty and serviceability; it also helps budget projects and future purchases.

The use of a web-based electronic tool streamlines the purchase process. Requests are cleared by Space Management; processing is handled by the Procurement Office.

Furniture Standards

Furniture Standards are guidelines for developing the physical components of a work environment. They have been developed to provide exceptional, consistent quality and service while ensuring functionality and efficient use of university funds.

These standards have been developed to provide exceptional quality and service while ensuring functionality and efficient use of University funds.

The core benefits of applying furniture standards include:

  • Extending systems furniture product life.
  • Simplifying administrative procedures for reassigning assets across departments.
  • Managing aesthetics.

Furniture Guidelines

  1. All furniture adjustments, moves, and purchases must be addressed via the online service request.
  2. Furniture required for major construction or renovation projects is coordinated with the relevant entities, and is processed by the Project Management and Contract Administration.
  3. Furniture purchase requests requiring space modifications must be submitted for review and clearance prior to purchase.
  4. The requesting department checks budget availability with the corresponding cost center. Otherwise, an exceptional budget request must be sent to the Budget and Financial Planning Office.
  5. All furniture items owned by departments moving to newly furnished spaces are relinquished for general use by the university.   Departments must fill out room-by-room furniture sheets listing all items together with their asset numbers, to ensure a smooth transition.

Surplus Furniture

  • Surplus furniture must be declared for assessment via the online service request.
  • Surplus furniture unsuitable for reuse is disposed of by the Supply Office.
  • Surplus furniture suitable for reuse is moved to university storage. The moving request is handled by the Space Planning & Management unit.

Furniture Purchases — Miscellaneous Requests



All requests should be addressed via the online service request for assessment. Upon assessment, the appropriate furniture is provided. Where possible, good second-hand furniture will be supplied. If new furniture is required, a recommendation will be sent to the requesting department.

Second-hand furniture

When furniture items returned are in good condition, they may be offered to other requesting offices/departments, depending on availability.

New furniture

If suitable second-hand furniture is not available, new furniture will be supplied, according to the following guidelines:

  • Purchase requests should be made online.
  • Show location, building and room numbers in order for all items to be properly tagged for installation.
  • Requests are cleared and reviewed by the Space Planning and Management unit.
  • Delivery is coordinated with the requesting user on the delivery date. Items are checked immediately by Facilities Management for correctness and damages. Discrepancies are addressed to the Procurement Office.
  • Furniture items made to order are not returnable.

Exceptional Furniture Purchases

A department requesting the purchase of a furniture item non-compliant with the furniture standards must send a letter of justification approved by the concerned dean to spacemanagement.pr@lau.edu.lb for assessment.

Furniture Repair and Service

Address requests for furniture repair to the Physical Plant Office via the online service request.


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