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Find your way around campus

Whether you’re trying to find a new classroom at the start of semester, catch up with a friend in an unfamiliar part of campus or needing to track down a computer lab or study space, LAU’s Facilities Management will make it easier to get to your destination.

Beirut Campus’ Buildings
Byblos Campus’ Buildings

Explore the different spaces by building, office, service or… :

Explore the university’s prime spaces  by function:

Helpful Tips

#1 Map it: A campus map will be your best friend for the first week or so

#2 Have a test run: The day before classes start, walk around campus (with your map) and find all your classes. Plan and know exactly where you need to go the next day to find each class.

#3 Spot landmarks: Use landmarks or references to orient yourself; the cafeteria, the post office, the library, a central square can help you better to find your way around.

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