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Beirut Campus New Parking

A new parking facility has been added to Beirut Campus Parking Spaces to provide LAU’s students with parking spots a few steps from the Middle Gate. Memberships vary between yearly, per-semester, monthly, daily and hourly.

Secure Parking Corporation, a company specialized and licensed in the provision of parking operation and management, will freely and independently operate and manage the land lot 3752 owned by LAU (located behind SIRAN Building facing College Protestant) for the sole purpose of setting it up and operating and managing it as a Parking facility.

The operation plan is as follows:

Operation of the car park
- The priority will be given to LAU Community for daily and monthly access to car park.
- There will be three categories of membership, on the basis of first come first serve, considering the limited capacity of the car park:  Monthly for LL 135,000, Semester (four months) LL450,000 and yearly LL800,000. Obviously the priority will be given first to the yearly members followed by semester member, then monthly.

- Please note that every member will be guaranteed a place and NOT a reserved one, at all times.
- To accommodate maximum number of cars double parking will be practiced when needed.
- The daily rate will be by hour and one time entry only, as per the Beirut Governor (Mohafez) decree:

From 0 to 3h LL 3,000
From 3 to 5h LL 4,000
From 5 to 8h LL 5,000
From 8 to 10h LL 6,000

- Secure Parking Corporation’s staff will be present at all times to assist students in any kind of matters.

- Operating hours will be from 6 am to 10 pm. It will be extended if needed.

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