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LAUers are constantly striving to keep our campuses beautiful. One way to do that is to follow the university’s waste sorting and recycling initiative, the result of our institution’s commitment to serving our country and respecting its natural beauty. Whereas reducing waste and recycling what we can is our responsibility to the environment, LAU takes it a step further by “Recycling for a Cause” and supporting people with disabilities through its partnership with Association l’Écoute.

Though gaining the total commitment of all faculty, staff and students is our goal, the work of each individual stands out. Halloun Wehbe is one such person, setting an example for the entire LAU family to follow.

Halloun Wehbe, from Hospitality Department, squeezing PET water bottles one by one and inserting them into the Bottles and Cans recycling bin

One early morning this week, before students and professors filled the campus, Wehbe was spotted crushing PET water bottles one by one and inserting them into the “Bottles & Cans” recycling bin at the Byblos Student Lounge. Wehbe was taking the extra effort not only to dispose the waste into the dedicated bin, but also to make sure that more bottles can be fitted into the bin and consequently into the recycling truck.

LAU salutes Wehbe for simply doing the right thing, contributing to a cleaner environment while supporting people with disabilities.

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