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Physical Space Inventory

Photo: Fashion Design studio

Photo: Frem Civic Center classroom

Photo: Frem Civic Center lecture hall

Photo: Case method room at Chagoury Health Sciences Center

Photo: Frem Civic Center multi-purpose room

Photo: Indoor basketball court

Photo: Parking A - Byblos Campus

Photo: Riyad Nassar Library

Photo: Tohme-Rizk admissions office

LAU maintains an accurate physical space inventory and classification of all the buildings it owns or leases.

What is a space inventory?

A space inventory is the process by which an institution’s facilities are identified, classified, and assigned. The Physical Space Inventory (PSI) provides detailed listings of all buildings and rooms, including size, assignment, and functional use.

Why do we do it?

The inventory provides baseline information for space reporting, summarizing space occupancy by building and organization. General information and floor maps required for academic accreditation and campus publications are available on request.

How do we do it?

The Space Planning and Management unit performs yearly physical facility inspections to update the space inventory. Site visits to verify data are scheduled in liaison with the departments concerned.


Lists information on the university’s key functions:


See here for a selection of the university’s prime spaces and functional areas.

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