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Gezairi Building’s EDGE Certification

Gezairi Building Renovation

In another landmark project, and a proud LAU Facilities Management’s achievement, the Gezairi building has been awarded the EDGE Preliminary Certificate (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies).

The EDGE certification confirms that the Gezairi building’s resource-efficient design will result in reductions of 28% in energy, 24% in water and 27% in materials’ embodied energy compared to a local benchmark. This new LAU building joins the Tohme-Rizk building in Byblos as the second LAU EDGE-certified facility, based on the guidelines of the IFC (the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank).

Our AVPFM, Georges Hamouche, accredits the effort of LAU Facilities Management’ team and everyone who was involved, since the inception stage, in the design and execution of this monumental and challenging project, for their innovative hard work and for their contributions in securing this inspiring certification, namely:

  • The Physical Plant-Beirut Engineers: Mr. Roger Haddad, Ms. Rania Tohme, Mr. Hady Nahas, Ms. Abeer Kalawoun, Mr. Emad Abdennour and the entire Physical Plant staff in Beirut, the PM&CA team: Messrs. Shaheen Boujawdeh and Nabil Bedran, The P&R team: Mr. Joseph Shebaya, Mr. Rabih Hosri, Mr. Rabih Nasr and Ms. Dania Dibsi and the entire FM staff who contributed, each in his capacity, in making this goal a reality.
  • The Consultant, IDEP Consult and their sub-consultants.
  • The Main Contractor and their MEP Subcontractors, Messrs. Mawad/Edde, ENG and SOGELEC.
  • The Project Management Firm, DG Jones & Partners.
  • The Technical Monitoring Office, APAVE Liban.

Gezairi Building Renovation

Gezairi Building Renovation

Gezairi Building Renovation

Gezairi Building’s Work in Progress (PDF, 15MB)

Last Updated: April 14, 2020

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