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Nicol Hall

The Nicol Hall Building is one of the oldest buildings on campus. It houses multiple academic functions, administrative and faculty spaces.

Photo: Computer Lab

Building Profile
Year of Completion1937
Spacial Area5,252 m2
Building Code/NumberNH / 103
Occupants List of Occupants
Instructional Spaces List of Instructional Spaces

Building History

Built in 1937 as Residence Hall to welcome students from Iraq, Syria, Egypt…(Cedar Bough 1947), it had a large dining room, a lounge with a fire chimney (Trireme 1938-1939). 1955 named Nicol Hall (Catalogue – BCW – 1955-1956) (Newsletter - BCW - College Tribune, Vol. III Dec. 10 1955). Used to host the School of Business during BUC era.

In 1997, Nicol Hall housed 20 classrooms, Faculty offices, Graduate Business Center, Learning laboratories, Post Office and Staff apartments (3rd Floor – 20 bedrooms). In 1997-1998, part of the staff apartments in the 3rd floor has been turned into offices and learning spaces. Nicol Hall is an old aged building with Tyrolean finish façade. All old buildings on campus have stone clad elevation with the exception of Nicol Hall. It was and still a hub for most students and faculty members though the fact that it is from the oldest buildings on campus. All generations used that building as it has accommodated most of the University classrooms. Lots of renovation projects have been executed in Nicol Hall to preserve its use. On-going renovations are always underway as facilities strive to provide the best learning space and functions.

Directory of Functions per Level
Level 5
  • Classrooms
  • Computer Labs
  • Computer Science & Mathematics Department
  • Journalism Lab
  • Offices
  • School of Arts and Sciences - Office of the Dean
Level 4
  • Classrooms
  • Conference Room
  • Communication, Arts & Languages Department
  • Offices
  • Writing Center
Level 3
  • Classrooms
  • Computer Labs
  • Honors Program
  • Liberal Education Department
  • IT Support Workshop
  • Offices

Level 2

  • Cafeteria (secondary entrance)
  • Classrooms
  • International Services Office (OIS)
  • Natural Sciences Department
  • Student Recruitment Office
  • Offices
  • TV Studio
Level 1
  • Mimeographing Center/ID Room
  • Post Office


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