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Engineering Laboratories and Research Center

A dynamic center of teaching and collaborative research, featuring high-end facilities strategically surrounded by the University’s engineering departments. The Engineering Laboratories and Research Center features high quality materials and systems to provide a safe and sustainable environment to LAU community. Unique to this building are the designed social spaces that promote collaboration between students. A unique landscape design has been developed. These interactions will generate opportunities to explore new initiatives that will change how our world works.

Building Profile
Year of Completion2017
Spacial Area9,705 m2
Building Code/NumberELRC / 215
Occupants List of Occupants
Instructional Spaces List of Instructional Spaces
Directory of Functions per Level
Level 7
  • Chemical Engineering Labs
  • Offices
  • Petroleum Engineering Labs
    • Drilling Simulation Lab
    • Geology and Geophysics Lab
    • Reservoir Simulation Lab
Level 6
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Labs
    • Advanced Technologies Lab
    • CAD Lab
    • CISCO Lab
    • Graduate Lab
  • School of Engineering - Office of the Dean
Level 5
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Labs
    • Communication and Control Lab
    • Design Projects Lab
    • Digital Lab
    • ECE Computer Lab
    • ECE Students Computer Center
    • Electronic Circuits Lab
    • Power Lab
  • Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Labs
    • Controls and Mechatronics Lab
    • High Performance Simulation Lab
    • Instrumentation Lab
  • Offices
Level 4
  • Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Labs
    • Ergonomics Lab
    • Experimental Fluid Dynamics Lab
    • IME Computing Lab
    • Internal Combustion Engines Lab
    • Manufacturing Lab and Workshop
    • Mechanical Engineering Projects Lab
    • Thermal Engineering Lab
    • Vibrations Lab
  • Offices
Level 3
  • Computer Labs
  • Faculty and Staff Lounge
  • Offices
  • Meeting Room
Level 2
  • Civil Engineering Labs
    • Computer Labs
    • Concrete Mixing Room
    • Construction Materials Lab
    • Environmental and Water Quality Lab
    • GIS and Surveying Lab
    • Soil Geotechnical Lab
    • Stress Lab
    • Structural Engineering Lab
    • Water Resources Lab
  • Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Labs
    • Materials Testing Lab
    • Packaging Lab
  • Offices
  • Petroleum Engineering Labs
    • Natural Gas and Drilling Fluid Lab
Level 1
  • Shelter
  • Testing Room


Last Updated: March 4, 2020

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