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Joseph G. Jabbra Library

The new Byblos Library is a state of the art facility. The building houses different forms of modern day advancements that have a profound effect on the functions and design of the library. A five story building that includes archive space, open-space study areas, group study rooms, multi-purpose rooms, a meeting room, lounges, administrative offices and related library services. The library offers an inspiring atmosphere where the old Byblos library has been transformed into a modern facility to foster a collaborative environment. The project aimed for USGBC’s LEED Gold certification, and features rain water harvesting and re-use. The project has been designed with low flow sanitary fixtures, achieving 35 percent water use reduction. LAU’s Facilities Management continues its commitment in developing sustainable buildings that reduce resource consumption while protecting the environment and providing a high indoor environmental quality.

Building Profile
Year of Completion2018
Spacial Area6,540 m2
Building Code/NumberLIB / 212
Occupants List of Occupants
Floor Maps Joseph G. Jabbra Library Functional Areas
Directory of Functions per Level
Level 5 500 Photocopy/Printing Station
Service Desk
Study Area (38 users)
501, 506 Group Study Rooms (4,8 users)
502 - 503, 505, 508 - 511 Offices
507 Conference Room (13 users)
Level 4 400 Lounges
Photocopy/Printing Station
Service Desk
Study Areas (106 users)
401 - 408 Group Study Rooms (4,6,8 users)
405 Office

Level 3

300 Circulation Desk
Computers (91 computers)
Photocopy/Printing Station
Service Desk
301 Office
302 Group Study Room (4 users)
Level 2 200 Archive
Circulation Desk
Compact Collection Archive
Computers (33 users)
Info Commons
Photocopy/Printing Station
Service Desk
Study Area (36 users)
202, 203, 209 Offices
204 Study Room (4 users)
205, 206 Multi-Purpose Rooms 
207 EIC Room (14 users)
208 Backlog Room
Level 1 University Archive


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