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Planning and Renovations

Planning and Renovations

The Planning and Renovations Office (P&R) strives to provide the University with excellent customer service, innovative leadership and integrated planning along with the FM entities and other University entities to assist in creating an outstanding campus environment. P&R services include space planning, design, estimating and executing renovation projects for the physical campuses and managing the space portfolios. Communication, coordination and customer service are the core values to create a campus environment that inspire and maximize performance of students, faculty and staff.

Space Planning and Management

  • Support plans for the university short-term and long-term space needs stemming from changes in enrollment, growth in programs, and campus development. Space planning and management develop detailed space projections, conduct space utilization studies, prepare feasibility studies, develop space planning scenarios, and conduct backfill analyses.
  • Successful space planning results from not only the collection and organization of data, but from focused analysis and the thoughtful graphic representation of options. This allows campus leaders to make informed decisions regarding existing and proposed space.
  • Support the evaluation and allocation of space.
  • Integrate space planning with campus-wide planning objectives.
  • Identify options for space efficiency to meet central, administrative and academic program priorities.
  • Facilitate space planning programming efforts prior to project development.
  • Manage space guidelines and assist in their application.
  • Identify strategies for sequencing space moves.
  • Handle the coordination of the move management process with the affected department(s)/users from initiation to completion with the support of the University Services Departments.
  • Handle the process of furniture management, through the effective application and management of furniture to enhance the performance of the workplace, provide furniture solutions that are both efficient and effective and assist with product selections and present alternatives.
  • Develop and maintain Facilities Management website in coordination with the FM team offices.
  • Initiate space audits to keep space data, site and building surveys updated.
  • Prepare facilities-related publications and other related space assessment reports.


  • Provide quality architectural and engineering services to assist the University in meeting the core value of providing an attractive and safe campus environment.
  • Develop programming schematics, plans, specifications, and bill of quantities related to projects in coordination with the in-house design team.
  • Work closely with clients to identify the primary goals and objectives of their project, define their specific needs, and develop potential solutions. Pre-design activities vary but typically focus on assessment of existing conditions, site evaluation, analysis of space and/or utility needs, development of conceptual design scenarios, definition of the scope of work, determination of costs, development of potential completion schedules, and reconciliation of needs and resources.
  • Provide in-house planning services or manage the services of an architecture, engineering, or planning consultant depending upon the size and complexity of the project.
  • Provide consistent, coherent, and comprehensive guidelines for all types of signage (interior and exterior) that may be used to guide persons from the freeway into campus, and to specific buildings. The guidelines address the types of appropriate signage at typical locations, and provide graphic standards for such signs.


  • The renovations unit works with the campus community to accomplish projects involving the alteration, improvement or renovation of physical space.
  • Assist in all aspects of the process including feasibility analysis, project assessment, budgeting, scheduling, design, and close out.
  • Provide inspection services for all projects.
  • Responsible for the remodeling and renovation projects to existing facilities, ensuring campus buildings are safe, accessible, efficient to maintain, and contribute aesthetically to the campus.
  • Manage the process from start to finish, and work to ensure the process is seamless and as non-disruptive as it can be.
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