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Photo: Planning and Renovations Office, Block A (Byblos)


Photo: Student Center offices renovation


Photo: Block A Level 7 renovation (Byblos)


Photo: SON and Computer Lab Modifications

A renovation is a process involving alteration, modification, or new work in an existing building.

FM seeks to provide the university with renovation projects that are safe, code compliant, within defined budgets, and include realistic design and construction milestones. FM provides architectural and engineering design services and estimates of construction costs and oversees the performance of renovation work by pre-qualified contractors.

Beirut CampusBeirut Campus

Byblos CampusByblos Campus

Renovations Key Functions

  • Coordinate with the end-users to establish and meet scope of work, budget and schedule.
  • Consider elements of constructability, maintenance, sustainability, safety and ADA compliance.

Getting Started

Submit requests for any renovation to planning.renovations@lau.edu.lb after approval by the concerned department head. Upon receipt, FM will assess the request, obtain needed approval to initiate the project, and keep the end-user/s posted regarding all progress.

For further information regarding renovations, kindly contact renovations.pr@lau.edu.lb.

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