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Irwin Hall Renovation

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This project involves the renovation of the building’s premises and upgrading its systems, renovating the storied Irwin Hall Theater, and optimizing space utilization in order to better accommodate the ever-growing needs of the university’s administration. A preliminary design has been prepared and design work is expected to be completed by 2017.

Under Execution

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Gezairi Building Renovation

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The major renovation of the Gezairi Building is under execution. This Building will house the School of Architecture and Design and has been designed to meet the requirements conducive to LAU receiving accreditation for architectural education.

Gezairi Building’s Work in Progress


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Gulbenkian Amphitheater

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The Gulbenkian Amphitheater, located in the Safadi Fine Arts Building, underwent a major renovation project necessary to upgrade and maintain this storied space as one of Lebanon’s premier performance venues. Renovation was completed in Fall2021.

Gulbenkian Amphitheater’s Work in Progress

Infrastructure AKSB Connection

The scope of work includes providing needed infrastructure connections to the Adnan Kassar School of Business. A new generator (2000KVA) will be supplied and installed in the Power Plant to replace exiting generators.

Beirut Infrastructure 2013-2016

This major project included upgrading the electrical infrastructure network and systems of the Beirut campus, gearing up a high-tech Data Center and building a modern central power plant of 8MW capacity and electrical power distribution through laying a new underground medium-voltage cable network and constructing new electrical rooms and transformers substations.  


Name Summary

Road between AKSB & OG Landscaping

A new landscape design is planned for the road between the Adnan Kassar School of Business and Orme-Gray.

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